Say “No!” to mom guilt this summer

It’s the middle of the day and you’re sitting at the office with a few minutes of down time. You take a look at your news feed on Facebook and you see other Moms having a great time with their kids in the middle of the day. They’re at the pool, doing arts and crafts, and that’s when the working Mom guilt goes into overdrive, at least that’s the case for me.

I’m shuttling the kids to Grandma’s house or to camp because my husband and I both work.

Now I know my kids aren’t upset with me because I’m at work; but I can’t help feeling I’m not giving them the best summer because I’m at work.

Well this summer I’m saying “No!” to mom guilt and you can too, by creating a summer bucket list!

The kids and I wrote out everything we want to do this summer! We got a huge poster board, stickers, colorful markers and our summer bucket list was born!

We’re going the Library, the Museum, of course Discovery Green, a water gun fight vs. Dad, and more!

It’s going to be a great summer! And I had to remind myself it’s not when we do an activity, but that we actually do it. It’s about what works for us as a family, being together and having fun while doing it.

I made a quick list of a few of the awesome places you and the kids should check out!


1.Fishing at Meyer Park

We love Meyer Park for it’s awesome pond where our boys can catch small fish, feed the ducks and endless soccer fields where Dad can put his full level of “athleticism” on display. It has 2 concession stands, decent bathrooms, a pond, and 3 separate playgrounds. Plus for the adventurer, it has a hiking trail that spans 3 miles and links to Collins Park behind the Barbara Bush Public Library.

And if you haven’t already, check out the Big Kid Small City blog, it truly gives you an inside look of what to do in Houston with the kiddos including a great list of parks all over Houston from The Woodlands down to Galveston! Simply click on the red dot in your part of town and see what park is near you!

Want the Summer Fun PDF! Click here to download now :)!


2.Play in the splash pads

you can’t go wrong with either Discovery Green in the city and Rob Fleming Aquatic Center in The Woodlands! Both of them have ample space, and plenty to do and see. BUT if you don’t live close to those areas here’s another list of awesome Splash pads you can visit.

Image result for discovery green splash pad                                                          


3.Go to a baseball game

We’re a sports family! Especially if we can watch it live! But a trip down to watch the Astros for a family of 5 can get PRETTY EXPENSIVE. So this year we’re going to check out the Sugar Land Skeeters, tickets start at just $9! You can’t beat that! And taking young kids to a sporting event, is an event in itself. And if the game isn’t enough, they even have a playground to take the kids to and a ton of great promotions all summer! We’re already planning on at least a few games, especially on Margarita Mondays and Dollar Dog Mondays 😉


4.Staycation at The Woodlands Resort

Every summer my husband’s company has a big conference at The Woodlands Resort. And every summer we say “we should bring the kids up here and make it a long weekend.” Well this year, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re going to stay at The Woodlands Resort from Friday – Sunday after the conference ends and enjoy the water slides, s’mores, and of course their tasty food! 

Image result for woodlands resort


5.The Houston Museum of Natural Science

We have to toss in some education related fun as well, so why not The Houston Museum of Natural Science. I attended a field trip with my son here, and was blown away by the sheer size of this place! Right now they have a Gladiator exhibit on display and my kids are begging to go. Kids get in free Thursdays from 2pm-5pm. And if clashing Gladiators isn’t your thing, they also have the Butterfly Exhibit, Planetarium, 3D IMAX Theater,  and the new Faces From The Southern Ocean Exhibit which features Arctic sea life. True fun for everyone!

Image result for the Houston Museum of natural science


6.Indoor fun at Skyzone

We’ve had 2 birthday parties at Skyzone and have gone to 4 other birthday parties there. We try to go at least once a month so the kids can jump around and burn a ton of energy. They have ultimate dodgeball, free style jump, and some nights they even have a DJ for the kids! There are a ton of great indoor play options for the kids (and adults too)! Check out this post by Erin of Aiming for August on indoor play spots in Houston for more ideas.

Image result for skyzone


7.Road Trip to Port Aransas

Finally, vacation time!!! But,we’re not going to fly to some resort this summer, with all the construction going on at the house, we need to save a few dollars. Plus, when you’re lugging car seats, strollers, and of course the kids through airport security it kind of stresses you out (before you even get on the plane)! So we’re going to take a road trip to Port Aransas instead. We did this for the first time a few years ago, and were pleasantly surprised. It’s one of the top beaches in Texas, it’s not super crowded and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. It’s literally everything you want in a beach, but in your own backyard. It’s a slow paced, old school, beachy town, unlike the glitz and glamour of a South Beach. It feels like your own little private section of the beach, umbrellas aren’t all in your face, and you’re not bombarded by beach sales guys trying to sell you this or that. It’s a clean, serene beach, with waves so gentle that even a toddler can play in them. Port Aransas will be the last summer activity we do and we can’t imagine ending the summer at a better place.

Image result for port aransas beach


So what are your plans this summer? We’d love to hear what’s on your bucket list so comment below!


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