He had to call the cops: How to Pick a Reputable House cleaning Company

 He had to call the police…

One of our customers, “Bob” had to call the police on a cleaning person this past weekend.

We received a call from a customer for a pretty big job, he was looking for a house cleaner in Humble for a 3300 square foot, 5 bedroom move-in house cleaning. We gave Bob our price for the job and he said “thanks, but I’ll go with the cheaper person, she’s $73 less.” We told him thanks for calling and if needs anything else just let us know.

He calls us the next day and said: “I need you guys to come out immediately, the person I hired, I had to call the police to remove them from the property.” We were like “WHAAAT?!?”

Bob thought he was hiring someone named Rose and her partner to do the cleaning but instead someone named Robert showed up with a little bag of cleaning supplies. When Bob told Robert “thanks, but no thanks” Robert wouldn’t leave the premises, so Bob had to have the police remove him from the property…Crazy!

He wanted to save $73 but now he has a ticked off guy:

  1. that knows where he lives
  2. knows what he looks like
  3. and knows the gate code to get into the community

Bob literally has put his family at risk to save a few dollars. And with the Holidays here, having someone sketchy in my home is NOT something I want to risk.

How the house cleaning grinch stole Christmas


I don’t know about you but my family’s safety and peace of mind is worth wayyy more than $73, heck I probably spend that in a week eating out for lunch, peace of mind that the job will actually get done and peace of mind that there’s some accountability.

So now that you know that not all cleaning companies are created equal; how do you confidently pick a cleaner of cleaning company?

When inviting a stranger into your home you need to choose a reputable house cleaning company or person, ask yourself:

  1. Does the company or person have an online presence? For a company, are they on Google or Yelp? For a person, are they on Thumbtack or Angie’s List? Initially, you may think to yourself what does an online presence have to do with anything? Well, that leads us to #2…
  2. Do they have a good star rating on these platforms? Looking at the ratings and comments from past customers is a great way to see, how the company works, do they do a good job, do they have great customer service? All of the things that make any company great.
  3. Are the cleaners background checked? For Thumbtack and Angie’s List both platforms background anyone that signs up.
  4. Is the company or person fully insured and bonded?
  5. Will the same maid clean my home every time? Having the same team will:
    1. Ensure consistent quality
    2. Less risk of breakages
    3. Peace of mind (this is where your family sleeps you want to be comfortable with the person that enters your home)


MaidnHouston meets all the criteria above, we’re on Google, Yelp, AND Thumbtack, with 4.5 to 5 star ratings on all of them :). We’re not saying you have to hire us for your cleaning needs; but if you don’t, be sure, whoever you hire, meets all the criteria outlined.

House cleaning is a luxury service and for that service you deserve peace of mind that your family is safe, you are safe, and your belongings won’t end up missing. Get the value and quality your family deserves.

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